Staying Safe in a Blizzard

A blizzard is a winter storm that causes heavy snow, usually more than 8 inches in a 12 hour period. In addition to this snow, a blizzard also causes windspeeds over 35 miles per hour for more than 3 hours. Visibility is drastically reduced. If you are in a blizzard, there are certain things you can do to keep yourself safe.

Don’t travel unless you absolutely have to. If you must drive, dress warmly and check that your car is in good condition. Fill your tank so that if you become trapped you can run your heater. And keep your cell phone fully charged and on your person so that you can call for help. Stock your car with jumper cables, a shovel, food, water, blankets, and extra clothing. This way you will prepared for anything while you travel.

If you have to go outside in a blizzard, make sure to dress in layers. Use mittens instead of gloves; finger contact will let your hands stay warmer. Wind increases the chance of frostbite, so in a windy blizzard it’s very important to keep your skin covered as much as possible.

Keep your house stocked as well. In a severe blizzard, you could become trapped in your home. Make sure you have emergency supplies such as a flashlight, food, and bottled water. Be prepared for the power to go out and have approved heating devices such as a kerosene heater. Do not burn charcoal inside of your home, as this can produce dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

Keeping safe in a blizzard is just a matter of taking basic precautions and protecting yourself from the elements. Don’t drive except in emergencies and make sure that your car and your home are fully stocked, so that you are prepared no matter what happens.

How To Safe In A Blizzard

A blizzard is a severe snowstorm that has strong winds lasting for prolonged periods of time.They may sometimes last for close to three hours or even more.

For one to stay safe during this blizzards one ought to anticipate them and thus take the necessary measures to avoid being caught off guard by these blizzards.

One important thing an individual should do is to dress properly at all times.It is advisable to put on three layers of clothing and top that up with gloves and a hat since the parts of the body most vulnerable to frostbite are the edges.

Individuals should try to keep indoors as much as possible unless its really necessary for one to go out.Blizzards make driving hard and at times roads get closed due to them.People should also try and get information on when to expect them so that they can go about their activities while avoiding these blizzards.

One should also know the signs and symptoms of hypothermia which starts setting in when the body core temperature drops below 95 degrees.This may characterized by pale fingers shivering and nails turning blue.It is crucial to seek medical attention when such signs start to be evident on individuals. If you have to, do a quick google search so that you can find out the exact details of proper symptons. If you are unsure on how to use google or search engines, be sure to ask your local search engine expert, or visit to obtain help.

People should also keep temperatures at their homes at normal levels.Turning your heat up or adding more wood to the fireplace might be a cause for carbon-monoxide poisoning or even it may lead to a fire.

It is important to have a medicine bag within a household during a blizzard.The medicine bag should contain the necessary medications one might need in case of such storms.This becomes handy in case of an emergency during the storm and an individual needs medication.

Once the storm is over you are good to come out of hibernation and clear the snow.If the above measures are taken one is sure to be safe from the effects of a blizzard.